By Eileen Ogintz and Andy Yemma

This is a “family travel” website, not a political one. But the issue of the safety of our children and grandchildren cannot be ignored after the assault gun massacre at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, just the latest of too many mass shootings.

The National Rifle Association has it wrong. Period. The solution to mass shootings will require enforceable assault gun control, not arming teachers. The common denominator in these shootings is one thing — assault weapons. And the common denominator preventing control of these weapons of war is the hidebound NRA and its political enablers in Washington and too many state capitols.

We live in Connecticut, just a few towns from Sandy Hook, and were keenly aware that those kids could have been ours or our neighbors. We thought, surely after the murders of those innocent first graders, common sense gun control laws would take hold. Well, they did to some extent in Connecticut — but not in Congress where it really counts and the NRA has out-sized influence. In the five years since Sandy Hook our cynicism grew along with the rest of the country — shooting after mass shooting: thoughts and prayers, no politics, change the subject.

Enough is enough! Stop the NRA and its enablers where it hurts — in the pocketbook. Boycott businesses that support the NRA, and support businesses that stand up to the NRA!

We are incredibly heartened by the political action for gun control being led this week by America’s youngest generation.

And we heartily commend Enterprise Holdings, the parent company of three rental car brands, Enterprise, Alamo and National, for announcing it will end a discount program offered to NRA members. Likewise, the First National Bank of Omaha which will withdraw its NRA-branded Visa credit card.

There’s a lot more that American businesses and investors could be doing to bring about meaningful gun control. We fully expect other businesses to join this movement.