The Total Eclipse on April 8th is rapidly approaching, and there has been a lot of speculation and discussion as to what the impact may be in terms of visitors flocking to communities along the path of totality.

The latest American Travel Sentiment tracking study by Longwoods International asked travelers about their plans for the eclipse. A

Key Findings:  Millions of Travelers Are Planning Trips to View the Eclipse!

  1. One out of five (22%) of American travelers say they are planning to travel to see the eclipse on April 8th, with 14% of them indicating they expect to travel greater than 50 miles to view this rare event, which literally means millions of travelers!  Note:  Obviously, eclipses are weather dependent for viewing, as the forecast for the 8th may have an impact on final outcomes.  (Slide 17)
  1. Three quarters (73%) of American travelers planning to go more than 50 miles to view the eclipse on April 8th indicate that they will spending at least one night on the road!  While 43% are planning a short (1-2) night getaway for this event, about 30% are planning trips of 3 nights or longer!  This bodes well for a significant economic impact form this event as overnight travelers tend to outspend day trip travelers by an average of three to one! (Slide 18)
  1. Travel sentiment is still hovering at record post-pandemic levels with 93% of American travelers still indicating plans to travel somewhere in the next six months.
  1. Road trip travel to visit friends and family still leads the way over personal getaways in upcoming trips planned by American travelers.

Bottom Line: Based on current travel demand and planning, the eclipse will produce a significant economic spike for the local economies of communities along the path of totality (weather permitting)!

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