Trooper, our rescue pup

It took me years to get our three kids out of our bed, whether at home or in a hotel. Now just as the last one has left for college, we’ve got a new puppy who likes nothing more than snuggling up between us–that’s when she’s not chewing the computer wires under my desk or snacking on my newest shoes that I mistakenly left on the floor.

Don’t get me wrong. I love little Trooper–a rescue pup that came from Georgia and is a  mix of lab, pit bull and hound, our vet tells us. We always had Labs before–our beloved 11 year old Gus died last fall. Trooper is about half the size of big, lumbering Gus and a lot more work! 

So how does a puppy relate to traveling with kids? For one thing, she’s just as aggravating–and loveable. For another, I’m suddenly seeking out pooch-friendly places– in Lake Placid (Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort ) Nantucket (Nantucket Island Resorts ( ), a Connecticut inn (Winvian, ). My husband and son even are planning on taking Trooper with them on a road trip to a fishing lodge in Canada this summer (Garden Island Lodge, ).

Gus was so big the only place we took him was the condo we had for the season at Stratton Mountain Resort in Vermont ( ) where he promptly disappeared and made friends with the staff at a nearby lodge and we found him contentedly munching crackers.

I figure, just like the kids, Trooper will lead us on unexpected adventures. Now if I can only get her to stop chewing on the wires.


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