Matt and Trooper in Lake Placid

When we took our six-month-old pup Trooper to Lake Placid last weekend, I kept thinking about the similarities to road trips when the kids were toddlers. Frequent bathroom breaks, everything–whether a hike in the woods or a jaunt down Main Street–taking longer because the pup–like the kids–had to explore everything.

And like the kids, she made friends wherever she went, with other dogs and with dog lovers, especially the folks who run Jake Placid Doghouse where Trooper got more than her share of treats and at pooch-friendly Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort where Trooper had plenty of canine company.

Instead of having a granola bar in my back pack, I made sure I had a dog treat and a collapsible bowl instead of a sippy cup for when she got thirsty.

Of course we never locked the kids in a crate when we went out to dinner!

But given what Trooper had done to our kitchen chairs, we thought we had no choice.  She didn’t seem to mind and curled up with her new toy. And I sure didn’t mind not paying for a sitter.

The thing was, she led us in unexpected directions this weekend–just like the kids always have.  And the extra effort–just like any time we’ve taken the kids–was well worth it for the laughs we shared. Thanks, Troops!