Nashville Zoo has announced the birth of four African red river hog piglets, one male and three females. Their names are: Fig, Peach, Persimmon and Clementine.

The babies were born to first-time mom and dad, Truffles and Wilbur, on April 11. This is the first litter of red river hog piglets born at Nashville Zoo, bringing the total number of this species in the Zoo’s care to seven, including the babies.

Since this was Truffles’ first pregnancy, the Zoo’s hoofstock and veterinary teams worked closely together to monitor and ensure it was successful. “Frequent ultrasounds were conducted throughout the pregnancy to check in on the health of the piglets,” said hoofstock keeper Morgan Fontenot. “We knew early on that Truffles was expecting three to four piglets.” The piglets are strong and healthy and are continuing to bond with mom behind the scenes until the babies are big enough to move outside into public viewing.

Red river hogs (Potamochoerus porcus) are native to the rainforests spread across west and central Africa. They have a recognizable red coat and tend to wallow in rivers and streams. They have an omnivorous diet consisting of roots, fruit, seeds, nuts, birds, eggs, insects and more. Red river hogs are a social species and typically live in groups with up to a dozen individuals. While red river hogs are not considered endangered, Nashville Zoo works with several organizations throughout their native range in Africa working to save wildlife and protect habitats. These organizations include Save Giraffes Now, saving giraffes through hands-on conservation efforts in the savanna, and Vulpro, restoring African vulture populations. To learn more about Nashville Zoo’s conservation efforts, visit