By Joanna Mazewski, Taking the Kids Correspondent

If you are looking for a short but memorable getaway with your family this year, the Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line is a great option for parents and their children. That’s because the cruise line has everything that you are looking for when it comes to a fun, relaxing and made-to-tailor cruising experience that might seem short, but still packed with plenty of activities.

taking the kids, family travel, cruises, all-inclusives, Bahamas, Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line

taking the kids, family travel, cruises, all-inclusives, Bahamas, Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line


My family and I recently had an opportunity to sail with the Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line during the holiday break. Because each holiday season seems like it is full of stress, endless shopping lists and plenty of preparation (and kitchen clean up) it was great to get away to the Bahamas. My kids didn’t bring any of their electronic devices with them as we focused on spending time as a family and exploring what the cruise line has to offer along with Grand Bahamas Island. The decision was one we didn’t regret. Honestly, we had more fun on our cruise than on Christmas morning.

The best part about the cruise line’s kids’ program is that there are plenty of options for non-stop entertainment. While mom and dad get to enjoy fine dining options on board the several different high-end restaurants (including the Admiral’s Steak and Seafood or The Rock), kids will be well taken care of and looked after at either the Kruzer’s Club (for kids ages 3-6), Club Chill (for the tween and pre-teen ages) or Vibe (for the teenage crowd). Each club has been designed to keep kids busy so mom and dad can feel free to enjoy the cruise as they please. In other words, everyone is happy and content. What’s more, the onboard staff pay a lot of attention to detail.

There's plenty of games to keep the kids busy on the ship

There’s plenty of games to keep the kids busy on the ship


My 11-year-old daughter, Nicola, agrees. It was her first time sailing to Bahamas, but not her first time on a cruise. “The games were a lot of fun but the key master was the best. You get to try and win money and prizes and kids can play it, too,” she says, adding “Also, I loved how the servers made little hearts, animals and a little dragon with our straws during dinner. It was very cute. And it was so much fun seeing them cook our steaks in front of our table.”

If you are looking to bond as a family, there are also so many great ways that you can explore Grand Bahamas Island with their off-shore excursion packages. You can mark off your bucket list with a one of a kind swimming with the pigs experience at the nearby Crystal Beach. You will definitely have a one-of-a-kind experience getting up close and personal with Missy, Mya, Pinky, Peppa and Wilbur in the shallow turquoise waters with these intelligent but gentle creatures. Just don’t forget your waterproof phone cases!

Exploring the Grand Lucaya Resort

Exploring the Grand Lucaya Resort


Should you choose to spend more time on Grand Bahamas Island, you can also look into the cruise line’s cruise and stay deals. One option is to stay an additional two nights at the family-friendly Grand Lucayan Beach Resort. The hotel has an infinity pool along with a sandy white beach that makes for some excellent views (and lazy afternoons by the water). The resort also sits within minutes of the popular Port Lucaya Marketplace for additional shopping and dining options.

Nicola adds, “The pools on board the ship were nice, but it was great to get to see the island at another resort. Plus, they also have people who braid your hair at the beach by the hotel. I’ve never had that done before. She did five little braids and gave me a handmade bracelet.  It’s so beautiful.”

If that weren’t enough, you can also choose to kayak, try out a glass bottom boat tour, swim with the dolphins or have your own unforgettable beach getaway with your kids. After all, there are so many reasons why families love to visit Grand Bahamas Island year after year. And with the Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line, you are one step closer to getting there.

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