By Meghan McCloskey, Taking the Kids Correspondent

Move over hard seltzer. This summer’s most satiating patio drink is Schöfferhofer’s half fruit juice/half beer Hefeweizen beers.

The low alcohol content caught my eye, so I grabbed a Schöfferhofer Happy Pack for an impromptu happy hour picnic on an early summer day. The Happy Pack includes a bevy of fruit-infused wheat beer including Grapefruit, Pomegranate, Passion Fruit, and Wild Cherry.

While all flavors shined, I think Passion Fruit rose to the top, bringing an unexpected tropical twist to the naturally fruit-forward German beer. As a mom, the best part of Schöfferhofer’s line is the extremely low ABV at 2.5%. All the fun and no hangover?

I’ll take another, please!