The Denver Museum of Nature & Science has an enticing array of exhibits for spring breakers this year.

This list of Museum programs and events features temporary exhibitions, giant screen Infinity Theater movies, Gates Planetarium shows and in-person and virtual programming:

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Opens March 15

Unleash the magic of the sea with “Orcas: Our Shared Future.” Trace the evolution of our beliefs about orcas, from fear to admiration and awe, as we discover their stunning intelligence and complex social structures. Meet a life-sized replica of an orca family as you listen to their soothing harmonies in an immersive underwater environment. Deepen your appreciation for the art of the Indigenous peoples of North America’s Northwest Coast. Discover stories that reveal a profound respect for orcas, highlighting the deep connection between humans and these powerful beings. Examine the global movement to protect our ocean ecosystems, reflect on the consequences of captivity and celebrate the future we share with the fascinating and awe-inspiring orca.

Tickets available soon, learn more here.

Last month at the Museum!

Enter the captivating world of “Wild Color,” an immersive exhibition that celebrates the full spectrum of hues found in nature. Wander through vibrantly colored rooms and encounter the boldest, brightest and most delightful shades imaginable. Photo opportunities abound – from mesmerizing butterfly wing projections to an ever-changing montage of blue imagery found in the wild and a majestic red velvet throne. Decode the hidden messages that colors convey and unlock nature’s mysteries: creatures that change their hues, eerie glowing animals and minerals and shades invisible to the human eye.

The Museum now has a collection of color-correcting glasses for guests to check out for free, so everyone can enjoy nature’s wildest colors to the fullest.

Free entry with general admission, learn more here.