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It’s always good to know that our vacation money is well spent.

The majority of adults polled for a new U.S. Travel Association Family Vacation Survey said  they were motivated to take family vacations  by the desire to create positive memories for their children—fond memories like they have from the vacations they took as children as young as five.  The majority noted that some of their favorite photos and videos are from family vacations.

The good news is that the kids who were polled for this survey say their parents are right to invest in family vacations: 

— Roughly nine in ten of the kids polled by Harris Interactive for this survey report that some of their best memories are from family vacations. 

— More than three fourths say that their family talks about what they did on vacation all year. 

— The vast majority—over 90 percent—say that memorable things happen on family vacations.

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— Nearly all of the kids polled said that vacations create opportunities for their families to do things they couldn’t do at home and bring their families closer together.

I’m glad to have  partnered with the  U.S. Travel Association on a study that offers so much good news for parents wondering if  family vacations are worth the money—and the hassle. That’s because we all know that no matter how wonderful the locale, how perfect the weather, vacationing with kids is never easy.  It’s aggravating, expensive, stressful and more wonderful than you imagine.

My experience also tells me that the inevitable missteps and hiccups often make for the most lasting memories and stories told for years to come around the holiday table. (Remember when it rained the entire time on our camping trip….Remember when my brother pushed me in the lake and had to have a time out right there!…remember when I fell out of the bunk bed and sprained my ankle…. )

Parents shouldn’t be afraid of trying something new on vacation either, though a third said their current vacations are modeled on the family vacations they took as kids.  Kids to parents:   The chance to do new things that they’ll remember for a long time is a key reason to take a family vacation.  (Parents of course want to relax and get away from it all!)

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There was other interesting news from this U.S. Travel Association Survey:  The majority who have taken a family vacation in the last five years report that at least one such trip included extended family.  Anyone who has been on a cruise ship or a theme park lately knows that these days, whenever you see kids on vacation, you are likely to see grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles.

In fact, over half of the kids polled said that their grandparents had joined them on vacation.  And those trips really matter. Nearly two thirds of the kids  said they like to remember stories about what they did with their grandparents  during their time together.   That can’t help but make those grandparents who have invested the time and money to get their family together feel good!

But here’s the best news—and what parents need to remember the next time their kids won’t do their homework, clean up their rooms or don’t want to be seen with their mom and dad in public.   Going on a family vacation, kids say, ranks higher than all other activities in their minds.

More than 90 percent of the kids polled agree   that they spend quality time with their parents on vacation.  And it doesn’t get any better than that.