Bears and eagles and more on the Chiko-Chilcotin-Fraser River with ROAM Adventures

Are you ready to plan your next adventure?

ROAM Adventures promises one that will tick all the boxes…unspoiled wilderness, plenty of adrenaline-inducing activities, great food, and memories to last a lifetime.

Head to British Columbia and just a one-hour scenic flight from Vancouver for a Chilko-Chilcotin-Fraser River Expedition (kids 13 and older welcome!)  

It’s a Whitewater Wonderland: The Chilko River boasts the longest stretch of commercially navigable whitewater in North America, offering thrill-seekers the adventure of a lifetime.

Roam Adventures is the exclusive outfitter on the Chilko River, able to offer unique experiences, including access to TNG First Nations title lands for an authentic and culturally rich expedition. See bears and eagles. Descend through Lava Canyon and challenge the longest, continuous stretch of whitewater on the continent – heart stopping hydraulics and towering, standing waves cascade for more than 18 miles through deep and narrow lava gorges. There is an ancient First Nation’s fishing spot deep in the 1500-foot canyon.

Stay at Roam’s Bear Camp, where you’ll enjoy chef-prepared meals (think eggs benedict for breakfast; grilled lamb or seafood risotto for dinner), signature cocktails, and wines while enjoying the wilderness.

The world-class river adventure takes you through alpine forests, narrow canyons, high desert plateaus, giant hoodoos. The adventure ends 3,000 feet lower a week later on the Fraser River.

The trip ($4500 for eight days) begins in Vancouver with a spectacular flight over the Coast Mountains to Chilko Lake where you’ll check in for two fabulous nights at Bear Camp. There you can bike, paddle, fish or simply relax in the wilderness.

If you aren’t that much of an adrenaline junkie or your kids aren’t quite old enough, opt for Roam’s Bear

Bear Camp Multi Sport trip (5-6 days $3995 per person; kids 10 and older welcome and kids’ rates may apply). You will have an authentic wilderness experience complete with hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, horseback riding, fishing, wildlife viewing, stand up paddle-boarding, boating, and wildlife viewing paired with incredible scenery, great food you don’t need to cook and guides to lead the way.

It’s named Bear Camp because 20-25 grizzly bears in summer (and another 80-100 in the fall) live harmoniously with humans whose waterfront tents are built on stilts and serve as wildlife viewing stations. Pick and choose your activities on a day-by-day basis. Adventure by day, comfort by night – in a cozy bed, hot showers, and chef-prepared meals.

You can kayak on a 55-mile long lake surrounded by snow-capped peaks, ride into the alpine on rugged mountain horses (or hike in) with trusted guide, canoe or SUP on a crystal clear river, cast a line for trout, photograph a grizzly feeding on salmon, take a scenic raft or drift boat ride, challenge some fun whitewater in an inflatable kayak, or explore the region by mountain bike.  You can always add a one- or two-night white-water rafting adventure.

Come to Bear Camp in fall when the grizzlies are feasting on salmon in Chilko Lake and Chilko River or opt for a bear viewing 5-day photo safari where you stay in a comfortable lodge about 20 minutes downstream (by road) from Bear Camp where you launch jet boats, kayaks, lake boats to focus on photographing the bears.  (There is also space for multi-sports lovers too.)

All you need to do is pick your adventure!