The Texas Eclipse Festival has unveiled the lineup for its ‘Fourth Contact’ event April 5-9 on a ranch near Burnet in Central Texas.

Texas Eclipse will transform Reveille Peak Ranch (1 hour from Austin) into a magnificent sanctuary of music, creativity, inspiration, and cultural exchange at the Eclipse Village for five days and nights. Together, thousands of participants will create an unparalleled convergence of captivating art installations, a multitude of musical genre performances, space exploration, cutting-edge technology, futurism with pioneers in web3 and AI, and the wonders of nature. This vibrant gathering will feature performances, holistic/wellness workshops, interactive experiences and so much more.  

The prevailing theme that unites these participants is the recognition of our interconnectedness on this collective journey. Texas Eclipse serves as a catalyst for fostering and building connectivity among human beings, emphasizing the universal threads that bind us together. In celebrating the diversity of experiences within science, tech, art, music, and wellness, the festival becomes a microcosm of unity, where shared passions and collective exploration underscore the profound truth that, indeed, we are all in this together.

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