If you are looking for a Father’s Day gift—or a gift for yourself—consider a Stella Falone cutting board, sustainably made and connected to music!

Bob Taylor, the co-founder and president of Taylor Guitars, purchased a Crelicam mill in Cameroon (West Africa) where they produce ebony parts for guitars and other instruments including violins, cellos and basses. This way, the company knows their ebony is responsibly sourced and with access to better tools and training, their Cameroonian employees are experiencing a new level of prosperity.

Reversible Pro Slab cutting board from Stella Falone
Reversible Pro Slab cutting board from Stella Falone

Taylor said he realized there were pieces that didn’t fit the specs for instruments that could be used in other products. “We don’t cut more trees to make our kitchen ware products. We just repurpose the appropriate pieces we have.”

Taylor, an avid cook, said he believes food brings people together—like music does. Five years ago, his company launched The Ebony Project with the Congo Basin Institute, an extension of UCLA and are engaged in the largest replanting of African ebony trees, surpassing the original goal to replant 15,000 trees.

Know that your Stella Falone reversible cutting board is helping those in Africa. It is also beautiful and reversible and will withstand chopping, cutting and cleaning. It is also an ideal serving tray. (Starting at $128.)