Taking a fishing trip is easily one of the best ways to spend time together as a family, offering a chance to create unforgettable memories while enjoying the great outdoors, learning new skills, and keeping one of the world’s oldest pastimes alive. Especially with your kiddos, there’s undeniable magic in a day on the water, making it a tradition that’s hard to beat.

To ensure an enjoyable experience, however, choosing the right fishing charter is essential. This guide will walk you through the process of selecting the best fishing charter for your family trip, and highlight the benefits and importance of taking your kids fishing and getting outside together.

5 Steps to Planning a Fishing Trip

1. Research reputable fishing charter companies: This step has historically been daunting. With seemingly endless phonetag with captains and outdated charter websites, families often feel forced to roll the dice on an expensive trip. But this no longer has to be the case—Captain Experiences is a platform built to make the fishing trip planning process fun, quick, and easy (think Airbnb, but for outdoor sports). With access to the top guides across the U.S. and beyond, Captain is our go-to resource for finding and booking guides you can trust. They boast an average review score of 4.9/5 stars based on thousands of trips, so you can feel confident your family will be in good hands with experienced captains who put a strong emphasis on safety.

2. Consider the needs of your family: Think about the specific needs and preferences of your family. Are you looking for a half-day or full-day trip? Do you want to chase after a certain fish or are you open to catching anything that’ll bring on the action? Are you interested in a specific type of fishing, such as freshwater, inshore, or deep sea trips? Make sure the charter you choose aligns with your family’s interests and requirements. To find your ideal adventure, simply visit Captain Experiences, enter a desired destination, and filter by anything from group size and target species, to fish cleaning services and gear.

3. Check the amenities and equipment: A family-friendly fishing charter should provide suitable amenities and equipment. Consider the comfort level of the boat, availability of life jackets, restroom facilities, and shaded areas. Inquire about the type and condition of fishing equipment provided, as well as the availability of bait and tackle. On Captain Experiences, users can easily compare available excursions with details like boat type, trip photos, verified reviews, skill level requirements, and bait & tackle (which is essentially always included). With the booking process also comes cashless transactions, weather guarantees, and top tier support from their American-based team of avid outdoorsmen and women.

4. Safety and licensing: Safety should be a top priority when choosing a fishing charter, especially when you have children on board. Ensure the captain has all the necessary licenses, permits, and insurance. Additionally, inquire about the captain’s experience, training, and knowledge of local fishing regulations. The team at Captain Experiences takes care of this step for you, only partnering with guides who are licensed, personally vetted, and insured. Booking with them will save you time and worries.

5. Engage with the captain: A good captain can make or break your fishing trip. The guides on Captain Experiences each have extensive local knowledge, professionalism, and enthusiasm. When you book, discuss your family’s experience level, preferences, and any special requirements you may have. A captain who’s patient, accommodating, and skilled at teaching fishing techniques can greatly enhance the experience for your kids—and allow you more time to fish yourself! 

Whether an adventurous family wanting to deep sea fishing in Galveston or a younger crew looking for a relaxing inshore fishing charter in Destin, there’s a trip for everyone on Captain Experiences. Start planning your next adventure today!

The Importance of Taking Your Kids Fishing

At the end of the day, it’s about a whole lot more than fishing. It’s about connecting with the outdoors and with each other. Here are a few of the benefits of getting your kids out on the water:

Bonding time: Fishing trips provide an excellent opportunity for quality family bonding. Away from distractions, you can spend uninterrupted time together, engaging in conversations, sharing stories, and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Appreciation for nature: Fishing exposes children to the beauty of the natural world. They can observe various wildlife, learn about different fish species, and develop an appreciation for the environment. Encourage your kids to be mindful of their surroundings and teach them the importance of stewardship of conservation.

Learning experiences: Fishing offers valuable learning experiences for kids while preserving a multi-generational tradition. They can develop patience, problem-solving skills, and perseverance as they learn to cast, reel in fish, and handle different situations on the water. Fishing also teaches them about the ecosystem, habitats, and the food chain.

Outdoor recreation and physical activity: In today’s digital age, getting kids outdoors and engaged in physical activity is crucial for their well-being. Get ‘em hooked on fishing rather than hooked on screens! Fishing encourages physical activity, such as casting, reeling, and moving around the boat. It promotes a healthy lifestyle and can help children develop a lifelong love for outdoor recreation.

Instilling values: Fishing charters provide opportunities to instill important values in your children, such as respect for nature, teamwork, responsibility, and sportsmanship. Teach them to appreciate the thrill of the catch and the satisfaction of practicing catch-and-release. Or, the family wants a fresh dinner and your kiddo’s lucky enough to land a keeper, they’ll learn the value of hard work first-hand. There are few things more rewarding than catching, cooking, and feeding your loved ones.

Start ‘em Young and Plan that Family Fishing Trip

Fish are biting, birds are chirping, there’s an epic day to be had out there. Every moment at a desk is a missed opportunity—get out there and into adventure now by booking a fishing trip over at Captain Experiences. You won’t get today again tomorrow—make it count.