“Where are we going?” Trooper the rescue dog wonders. Her master is tugging her leash into the strangest vehicle she’s ever seen. And unlike the car, her bed isn’t here for her to curl up in.

Wait, we’re not driving—we’re going up…up…up… a mountain! All trooper can see are trees beneath.

Trooper rides the gondola at Breckenridge

Trooper rides the gondola at Breckenridge

A first Gondola ride up a mountain is exciting for anyone—dogs included. And when Trooper gets to the base of Peak 8 on Breckenridge mountain, she is officially a mountain dog!

Her first eight years, Trooper lived with us in Connecticut – sea level. In June we moved to Denver – mile high city! Now on our mid-week trip to Breckenridge, Trooper is nearly 10,000 feet up! Bow-Wow!!

“I like Breckenridge, CO!” Trooper says through an interpreter. “There are lots of other dogs to make friends with.  I got to wade in the Blue River with all the kids. And there are so many restaurants where I can curl up under the table on the patio. I’ve gotten some French fries, tortillas and sausage at breakfast. What’s not to like?

Kids at Breckenridge loved playing with Trooper

Kids at Breckenridge loved playing with Trooper

“On the town main street there were some girls who asked if they could pet me. Then one of them said she wanted to KEEP me! Fancy that?

“Oh, and did I forget to mention the valet guys at the DoubleTree Hotel who give me treats every time I trot in or out? All I have to do is sit and offer my paw to shake.

“There are lots of other dogs here at the Doubletree where we are staying, including a golden retriever puppy I made friends with.

“On our morning walk I played with another rescue dog who reminded me of my annoying little friend Ollie back in Connecticut. She kept trying to bite off my collar!

“That gondola ride was something. On the mountain, there is so much to see and sniff. Better yet, there are so many crumbs under the patio tables left by kids!

“Plus, everyone wants a pet!

Trooper has full bragging rights as a Mountain Dog now

Trooper has full bragging rights as a Mountain Dog now

“Thank goodness there is a big water bowl nearly everywhere. Some are even full of ice! It is hot in the sun and this is such high altitude.

“After my recent trip cross country, I’m getting used to hotel life. I’m good as long as I have my bed and some of my favorite toys.

“Now let’s go on a hike… maybe I can make some more new friends.”