We used to just worry about whether the airlines would get our baggage from point A to point B. Now they’re charging us–in some cases nearly as much as the flight ticket–to ferry it there. CNN reports that Continental has matched Delta’s checked-luggage fee increase charging those paying online for checked bags $23 for the firsrt bag and $32 for the second. (Be forewarned it costs more if you pay when you arrive at the airport!) When my daughter flew out to Colorado this morning toting her skis and a duffel, she paid $40 (online ahead) –more than a third the price of her one-way ticket.

So what’s a traveler to do? You can fly Southwest (still two bags free) or Jet Blue (one bag free.) You can ship bags ahead–likely still more expensive.

Carry-on isn’t always the answer. Trips to snow resorts, for example, require too much gear and clothes for that as do trips with babies.

So we don’t have any choice but to bear it– for the moment anyway–and skip packing individual bags for each member of the family. Just make sure they’re not overweight if you don’t want to pay even more fees.  When will they stop nickel and diming us?