From a Wyoming dig site, the international paleontology team from The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Naturalis Biodiversity Center and University of Manchester successfully extracted colossal sauropod fossils. They are now on display in the Giants of the Jurassic™ portion of the Dinosphere exhibit in Indianapolis.

But the palentologists also stumbled upon a remarkable find—an articulated Allosaurus fossil.

“Allosaurus was a common predator during the Jurassic Period so it is well represented in the fossil record; but, this specimen’s incredible preservation provides us with a wealth of information for more research into these animals’ lives,” said Laura Rooney, curator of paleontology, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. “This Allosaurus is fairly complete and articulated with beautifully preserved skin impressions and gastralia (belly ribs), and a variety of injuries that it collected during its life. While any one of these features would make this a cool specimen, it’s the combination of all of them that make it remarkable.”

This discovery took place during the summer of 2020 but is just now on display.

Visitors can witness the ongoing preparation of the Allosaurus fossil in the R.B. Annis Mission Jurassic Paleo Lab, where our team continues to meticulously clear away the matrix surrounding the fossil, occasionally making new discoveries in the process. This process is vital for the thorough study and preservation of these rare treasures that provide invaluable insights into Earth’s past and is a great example of science in action.