New York’s iconic American Museum of Natural History ss about to open its highly anticipated Richard Gilder Center for Science, Education, and Innovation.

It’s a jaw-dropping architectural marvel that will revolutionize your visits and your understanding of the natural world. Tickets are in high demand and will go fast, but if you become a Member by Thursday, April 28, and use promo code EXPLORE, you’ll get to see it before it opens to the public.

Here are just a few of the new adventures that await you in the Gilder Center:
360° of Wonder Invisible Worlds is a new immersive experience that blends science with next-level visual and sound design to show you how all life on Earth—across thousands of miles, millions of species, and billions of years—is connected. This ticketed attraction is FREE FOR MEMBERS.  
Live Butterflies Mingle with up to 80 species of dazzling, free-flying butterflies and moths in the lush habitat of the new Davis Family Butterfly Vivarium.
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