Through the Autumn months, it’s business as usual as Moab Adventure Center staff schedule late-season rafting outings on the Colorado River into late October. Also, daytime temperatures are settling into soothing degrees for enjoying such sweat-inducing activities as horseback riding and rock climbing.

“Fall is our favorite season,” says Moab Adventure Center Manager Sierra Schmutz. “Our dry climate leads to brilliant blue skies and ample sunshine, with high temperatures ranging from 82° F in September and 69° F in October.”

The river scenery is spectacular throughout the year, she explains, but come October, the cottonwoods and willows lining the riverbank are ablaze in yellow, red and orange. 

“Whether you’re out on the river on a raft for a half or a full day, you will take home stunning memories and photos of the Colorado River at its prime, especially this year with higher-than-usual water levels,” Schmutz promises.  Following are half and full-day rafting trips that Moab Adventure Center offers through October.  For more details see