Montana’s Dinosaur Trail is a unique and exciting journey through time. Visitors can explore the prehistoric world of Montana and discover the fascinating creatures that once roamed the state. The trail features a collection of museums, parks, and landmarks that are dedicated to the study and preservation of dinosaurs.

Montana’s Dinosaur Trail, a series of museums, fossil sites, and other prehistoric attractions, is set to become one of the state’s most exciting tourist destinations.

The trail stretches over 14 locations, each featuring unique and fascinating displays of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures that once roamed the earth. These locations are spread out across the state, from Bozeman to Glendive, offering visitors the opportunity to explore Montana’s diverse geography while also getting up close and personal with some of the world’s most impressive creatures.

The Dinosaur Trail is a collaboration between the Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development and the Montana Dinosaur Trail Foundation. It is a self-guided tour that takes visitors to 14 different sites throughout the state. The trail includes stops at museums, such as the Museum of the Rockies and the Two Medicine Dinosaur Center, as well as parks like Makoshika State Park and the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area.