Boasting Washington State’s first Alpine Coaster, the Leavenworth Adventure Park is set to celebrate its Grand Opening on June 1, 2023. The park is set on a gorgeous mountain at the entrance to the Tumwater Canyon, just a short walk from Leavenworth’s downtown.

Dave Moffett is the Leavenworth Adventure Park lead developer. Moffett ran his family business for many years, the ski resorts at Snoqualmie Pass, and has taken an active leadership role with many businesses and non-profits.

In advance of the Grand Opening, the Leavenworth Adventure Park is hosting a digital “First Rider” Fundraising Auction. Twenty-eight winners will get the chance to be the first official riders on the alpine coaster. All auction proceeds are being donated to the Associated Student Body (ASB) of Cascade High School in Leavenworth. The ASB provides funding for athletics and clubs for students.

Super Lou’s Tumwater Twister Alpine Coaster gives riders the flexibility to create their own experience; use the brakes on the sled to enjoy a scenic tour and views of Tumwater Canyon, Icicle Ridge, the Wenatchee River rapids, and the town of Leavenworth OR cruise at full speed of up to 27 mph for a fast, thrilling ride along the track’s three helix circles, drops and curves. Each German-engineered sled holds 1-2 people and contains numerous safety features including tamper-proof lockable safety belts, among others.  Riders will love viewing the action photo taken of them during the ride.

Built on the side of the Guest Service Building, the 27’ Alpine Ascent Climbing Wall has 4 lanes and 2 routes per lane. Climbers can choose the Easy, Intermediate, Advanced or Most Challenging route. Each climber wears a harness and is attached to an auto belay cable system that allows for safety both up and down the route.

The Bavarian Bungee Bounce Trampoline allows jumpers to flip and fly up to 20 feet in the air! With four trampoline stations, jumpers wear a safety harness that is attached by two cables. Jumpers are always treated to the best bounce possible with real bungee cords adjusted to their weight.

Kids will love panning for up to 20 gemstones and treasures at the park’s Gems of The Enchantments Mining Sluice. This fun teach-and-learn activity includes a take-home bag and descriptive info on the stones. Guests can purchase a bag of rough at the Guest Service Center and have fun seeing what stones and gems they find.