Mr. Carrots is from Iceland’s award-winning  Omnom Chocolate, new to the US and perfect if you are looking to put something new in those Easter Baskets this year that’s bound to cause plenty of excited chatter . 

Omnom is the only bean to bar chocolate maker in Iceland and it is delicious. No wonder Mr. Carrots is such a hit there and will be here too.

Kjartan Gislason, Omnom’s co-founder and chocolate maker, started out to make a stand-out, distinctive chocolate Easter Egg. These are a long-standing tradition in Iceland.

He wanted it to look like a piece of art and  after two years, the geometric design morphed into Mr. Carrots with  his distinctive geometric shape and shiny reflection.  It’s handmade in the Iceland chocolate factory made with Omnom’s award-winning Lakkrís + Sea Salt chocolate, with tastes of silky milk chocolate, licorice, and salt. ($49.99)

Too beautiful to eat—almost!