Meow Wolf Denver announces conceptual artist, Melissa Furness as the newest artist in residency at Galleri Gallery with the opening of her exhibit Naturalis Grottesche on July 6.

Galleri Gallery is a rotating, flexible space within C Street at Convergence Station that offers artists in Denver a national platform to exhibit and sell their work inside Meow Wolf, creating an experimental immersive experience. Influenced by her experiences of travel, Furness’ work has had her work included in artist’s residencies all over the world including Poland, Ireland, Beijing, Budapest and Berkeley. Through her various residency experiences, the artist has exhibited major works in Berkeley, California at the Vizivarosi and Keki Galleries and The Drawing Room HU in Budapest, Hungary and developed site specific projects in Mexico, Ireland, Italy and China. Furness’ work has been represented in the past by galleries in New York, Seattle, Palm Springs and Zurich leading up to her current representation with K Contemporary Art in Denver.

Naturalis Grottesche continues Furness’ conceptual exploration of the distortions of history through expressed narratives, nature and site as ruin. The works presented in this series address concepts of personal struggle and identity, with overgrowth and refuse as major themes. This medium fuels the artist’s fascination with nature’s way of reclaiming what humans build and how this process creates confusion of what is reality and culturally significant.

All of these works will be available for purchase courtesy of K Contemporary and the exhibition will feature a 45-minute accompaniment from composer Samuel McGuire in a sound piece titled Zvuky zvířat. Naturalis Grottesche will be on display from July 6 until the end of September and guests wanting to check out the exhibit can get Meow Wolf tickets for a time and date that gives them access to the entire Meow Wolf exhibition.