Vancouver BC’s multicultural influences and accessibility to fresh ingredients lends to our stature as one of the world’s greatest food hubs.

Gearing up for the full 2023 Vancouver MICHELIN Guide selection, ‘new additions’ lists have been released, featuring mouth-watering restaurants across Vancouver. From Westcoast vegan to Hawaiian cuisine, the recommendations highlight the city’s diverse and expanding culinary repertoire. 

Explore a variety of Vancouver experiences, from discovering an assortment of food at Granville Island Public Market, admiring art by contemporary Indigenous artists, or paddleboarding among seals. With recommendations guided by regional experts, Travel + Leisure lists 20 of the best things to do in and around the city.

No visit to Vancouver is ever the same. Distinct neighborhoods invite visitors and locals to stroll colorful sidewalks, savor spectacular settings, and soak in a wide range of urban vibes with roots in many different cultures and ways of life.