Catharine Opie’s Meditative Images Reimagine the Yosemite Landscape is now open at San Francisco’s de Young art Museum.

Exciting conversations unfold throughout Ansel Adams in Our Time, which simultaneously looks backward and forward in time, framing the great American photographer in new ways. One of the contemporary photographers included in the exhibition, Catherine Opie, creates luminous color images of Yosemite (above right) that are often soft-focused yet still recognizable, thanks to the popularization of such views by earlier photographers like Ansel Adams. 

Imaging Yosemite through a feminist lens, Opie seeks to assert her equal rights to such wilderness subjects, previously covered mainly by white male photographers. Opie strives to “de-cliché” the rocky profile of Yosemite and finds a solution in blurry color abstractions.  

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