Denver-based interdisciplinary artist Lares Feliciano’s collection of work, Portals of Theseus, is now at Denver’s Meow Wolf
Convergence Station’s Galleri Gallery on C Street.

The works will be on view and available to purchase through March. Feliciano uses collage, installation, and animation to create worlds where all of time exists at once, bringing marginalized experiences front and center. Her films are screened worldwide, and her visual art has been exhibited in New York and across Colorado, including the Denver Art Museum. Her latest collection is a meta-commentary on the medium of collage itself…and can even reveal something about ourselves.

Portals of Theseus is an exhibition of digital and hand-cut collage work by Lares Feliciano printed on and framed in aluminum. The title of the show refers to The Ship of Theseus, a thought experiment based on the Greek myth that poses the question “If an object has had all of its original components replaced over time, does it remain the same object?”

This question is at the heart of collage as the medium exists to deconstruct and rebuild, and Feliciano expands on this age-old query and turns it toward her own work: What is the purpose of collage if we are not interested in preserving the essence of the original in some way, shape, or form? Does the final object need to reflect its origins? Portals of Theseus presents a variety of collaged portals and worlds created from overlapping source material -maps, science textbooks, and old encyclopedias, to name a few. The exhibition encourages viewers to travel between each little universe and ask themselves “After years of learning, loss, and growth, do I remain the same?” Portals of Theseus features a custom soundscape designed by Bothe Kretsigner. The collection is located in Galleri Gallery on the fourth floor of Convergence Station in the alien metropolis of C Street.

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