The Pacific Whale Foundation (PWF) and its Adopt a Marine Animal program allows people to symbolically adopt one of several marine species. These include false killer whales, humpback whales and bottlenose dolphins.

The nonprofit ocean conservation organization tracks within the waters of Maui Nui. Once their adoption is complete, participants can learn more about these marine mammals while supporting PWF programs that work to protect the ocean and its inhabitants. In addition to a certificate of adoption and an official brochure with detailed information about the species and specific animal selected, adopters also receive regular emails with updates about the program including re-sighted animals, opportunities to engage with PWF, and news from the organization’s Research, Education and Conservation programs. 

Many of the program’s adoptable animals have been tracked by Pacific Whale Foundation for a decade or more, with some even first spotted as far back as 1999. The organization tracks them and other members of their species throughout the year as it works to mitigate harm from major threats such as marine plastic pollution, unsustainable tourism and climate change. Some of the animals currently up for adoption include: 

•  Falsie, a false killer whale who was first spotted in 2014 and was most recently spotted with a calf by her side 

•  Larned, a humpback whale often spotted within competition pods to gain the attention of female humpbacks 

•  Maka Koa, a bottlenose dolphin whose name is Hawaiian for “bold, unafraid and fierce”