Auburn, NY invites you to embark on a virtual journey of the Underground Railroad with a new revolutionary app during International Underground Railroad Month in September.

Harriet Tubman’s chosen home of Auburn, NY, holds a significant place in Underground Railroad lore. Tubman is well-known for being a dedicated conductor on the freedom trail. The app seamlessly blends technology and history, offering two self-guided driving tours—a 24-stop exploration in Auburn and a 27-site adventure across Cayuga County.

In addition, Cayuga County presents a unique in-person opportunity, to be guided by Ted Freeman, a descendant of Harry and Kate Freeman. His ancestral legacy is intricately tied to the Underground Railroad’s narrative, including the New Guinea Negro Settlement—a cornerstone of this clandestine endeavor. Through the app and Ted’s insights, history comes to life, connecting us to the Underground Railroad’s profound relevance.