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Our Seasonal Travel Guides bring you the best ideas for vacations or getaways – Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring – plus Best Holiday Light Views and our Annual Cruise Guide

51 Great Ideas for Your Best Family Summer Vacation

Plan the perfect family summer getaway with these 51 amazing ideas. From beach vacations to amusement parks, there’s something for everyone!

Taking the Kids Annual Family Cruise Guide

Plan your family cruise with the help of Taking the Kids’ comprehensive guide. Get insight into activities, safety, and more!

Spring Break Ideas to Meet Every Family’s Wish List

From beach getaways to thrilling adventures, discover the best Spring Break ideas to make this an unforgettable vacation for your family.

Best Family Getaways to Light Your Winter

Discover the best family getaways to light up your winter! From Orlando, to a multigenerational trip, to luxury experiences, explore our top travel options for an unforgettable winter.

Holiday Lights: Our annual guide to the best and brightest

If you decided against a long-distance vacation this year because of high air and lodging costs, read this to find fun closer to home

Fun in the Snow: Our annual family ski guide

Your long-range, completely accurate and guaranteed weather forecast is for — Fun in the Snow! Find out where to go in our annual directory

23 Fabulous Fall Getaways for 2023

Our annual guide to the best fall festivals and event destinations across the nation and world Never fear if your summer vacation got derailed – our roundup of 23 great fall getaways will help you plan an escape. Fall is a great time to get away without busting the...

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Dude Ranches are great for family reunions

Find the perfect family reunion destination at a dude ranch. There are more than 29 great ranches in Wyoming alone

Kids discover a rare ‘Teen Rex’ in the Badlands of North Dakota

Discover the incredible story of kids discovering a rare ‘Teen rex’ fossil in the Badlands of North Dakota. Don’t miss this fascinating exhibition at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

Essential summer family travel safety hacks

Stay safe during summer family travel with these essential hacks. Learn about the importance of having a designated water watcher and other key safety measures.

The many many ways to celebrate July 4

Make July 4th memorable with a wide range of festive activities. Join parades, attend concerts, and watch spectacular fireworks displays to celebrate America’s birthday.

Planning a successful camping trip without all the work

Make your camping trip a success with these expert tips. Learn how to plan for all situations and create lasting memories in the great outdoors.

Exploring the nation’s best children’s museums

Discover the nation’s best children’s museums for an educational and fun experience. Explore exhibits like the Climate Action Heroes project that engages kids in climate change discussion.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Active Traveling Dad

Find the perfect Father’s Day gift for the active traveling dad. Explore sustainable and versatile ideas that will delight him and make his trips more enjoyable.

Denver’s Museums Offer Great Summer Activities

Discover how Denver’s museums promote public safety. Visit the newly reopened and interactive Cell Exhibit at the Denver Art Museum for a valuable learning experience.

Lots of choices for your best family summer vacation

Discover the best family summer vacation destinations for your next adventure. From the Paris Olympics to the Arctic, there are endless choices.

15+ summer food and music festivals for families

Plan a memorable summer with your family at these 15+ food and music festivals. Enjoy delicious eats and live entertainment for all ages.

On a Trans-Atlantic Cruise New York to Barcelona

Guests seem to especially enjoy the culinary adventures, as well as the culinary adventures on board. On a shore excursion we learned to cook authentic Spanish paella

Sustainable travel gifts for Mothers Day

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Consider sustainable travel gifts that are not only practical but also environmentally friendly.

The Smithsonian Museums offer wonders for kids

Discover the educational treasures of the Smithsonian Museums in Washington, D.C. Experience the world’s largest museum complex with free entry and a wide range of exhibits.

Visiting the less-visited National Parks

Escape the crowds and explore lesser-known National Parks. Find your own piece of wilderness and experience nature at its best.

How to Travel More Sustainably

Discover sustainable travel tips to reduce plastic use and make a positive impact on the environment. Join the #plasticdetox challenge this Earth Day

Visit Barbados for African/British heritage and adventures

Plan your next adventure in Barbados, a Caribbean island with a rich African/British heritage. Discover the beauty of the island’s white sand beaches and exhilarating activities.

Get ready for the Great Solar Eclipse April 8

Be prepared for the Great Solar Eclipse on April 8! Find out which states will have the best views and how to protect your eyes with eclipse glasses or special viewers.

Celebrate Women’s History Month nationwide

Celebrate Women’s History Month by honoring the women who advocate for equity, diversity, and inclusion. Explore their stories of making a difference.

St. Patrick’s Day reminds of fab visit to Irish Castle

Uncover the beauty of Ashford Castle and its School of Falconry in Ireland. Immerse yourself in the rich history and picturesque landscapes

Spring fun and games on the mountain slopes

Get ready for spring fun and games on the mountain slopes. Discover music, swag, demos, and more at Subaru Winter Fest.

Take your kids to a museum on spring break

Make the most of your spring break by exploring museums. From big-name institutions to lesser-known gems, museums offer a fun and educational experience for the whole family.

How to plan your family’s first multi-generational cruise

Discover how to plan your family’s first multi-generational cruise. Make unforgettable memories with your loved ones on a cruise adventure.

Planning a spring break that won’t bust the budget

Avoid busting the budget on your family’s spring break with careful planning. You can still have quality time and make long lasting memories together

12 Ideas for Romance and Travel Anytime

Experience romance and travel with these amazing 12 ideas that don’t cost a lot of money or pressure. Celebrate love with friends & family! #Romance #Travel

Celebrating Black artists during Black History Month

Discover art as a platform to understand history, struggle, social justice & triumph in honor of Black History Month. Find special performances in Orlando & beyond at the National Museum of African American History & Culture.

The latest news and trends from the world of family travel.

One fine day in Funchal Madeira

Discover the unexpected encounter in Funchal, Madeira. Follow Fester Bestertesterand Karbunkle as they find a steamroller and rush to help their friend Joe Fonebone.

Bike Tours Can Be Liberating But Require Serious Preparation

Planning a bike tour adventure? Learn about bike types, essential gear, and travel tips to make the most of your liberating experience.

Educators’ tips for museum visits during Black History Month

Ensure your family has a successful museum visit by following expert tips for Black History Month from National Museum of African American History and Culture educators. Create lasting memories for children of all ages.

Don’t Let Sickness Ruin Your Family Getaway

Travel safe with your family. Don’t let sickness ruin your getaway! Tips from Charlene Roth of Safety Kid on how to safeguard your family’s health on trips.

Pro Tips for Crafting the Perfect Disney Adventure

Make a magical Disney adventure with expert strategies. Follow 8 Pro Tips for Crafting the Perfect Disney Adventure & get the most out of your trip. Book early for the best chances at reservations you want.

Strategies for Traveling With Special Needs Children

Children with special needs find solace in the familiar; hence, packing comfort items like a favorite toy or blanket can be invaluable

Denver Art Museum: Engaging families with free and interactive programs

Each gallery at the museum has some sort of interactive program in English and Spanish for kids and families to help them better engage with what they are seeing

What Fiddler teaches us about the past and present

Fiddler is entertaining and a sobering reflection today’s events as Russia tries to brutally subjugate Ukraine and antisemitism is rising

Plenty of options for your best Spring Break

According to new research, 41 per cent of US consumers say they are planning a spring break, even prioritizing ahead of other trips.

The Sand Creek Massacre – Echoes of the past reverberate

There were many atrocities committed in our nation’s 19th Century quest for “Manifest Destiny.” The Sand Creek Massacre was one of the worst.

To Kill a Mockingbird on the road in Denver

To Kill a Mockingbird is an enduring story of justice and injustice, racism, closed minds, coming of age, grief, compassion, and change

Orlando’s Terminal C Is A Destination In Itself

Orlando International Airport’s Terminal C is a place that will make you want to stay, despite the big theme parks being only minutes away

Flying into Denver? Check out the Stanley Marketplace

Stanley Marketplace sits the site of the previous airport – Stapleton Field (closed 25 years ago) and the old Stanley Aviation Hanger

First Look As The Disney Wish Sets Sail

The Disney Wish set sail July 14, 2022, propelled by wishes from godmother Make-A- Wish Foundation and thousands of Disney cast members

Engaging Kids with Art in Denver

If you could jump into an artwork and walk around in it, what would you choose? It’s a good question to ask kids visiting an art museum

Read about our most recent travel experiences.

Riding and rodeoing to a kid’s hearts content

Explore the family-friendly activities at Paradise Guest Ranch in Wyoming. From horseback riding to rodeoing, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Welcome to Paradise in Northern Wyoming

Uncover the hidden gem of Paradise in Northern Wyoming. Enjoy the stunning landscapes and peaceful atmosphere at Paradise Guest Ranch.

Mamas DO let your babies grow up to be cowboys

Experience the timeless spirit of cowboy life at the Vee Bar Ranch. Join 85-year-old Tom George on horse rides and explore the beautiful Snowy Range.

Kids become fast friends at the Vee Bar Ranch in Wyoming

Get to know the Vee Bar Ranch in Wyoming and the amazing friendships that kids make there. Discover the magic of pen pals and virtual connections.

Soaking up the hot springs in Saratoga WY

Discover the healing powers of Saratoga’s hot springs in Wyoming. Soak in the magic waters and experience the benefits of mineral hot springs.

Families and groups love Medicine Bow Lodge in Wyoming

Escape to Medicine Bow Lodge in Wyoming for a memorable vacation with family and friends. Enjoy horseback riding and breathtaking views in southern Wyoming.

Rustic but not too rustic at a Wyoming Guest Ranch

Discover the perfect blend of rustic and comfort at a the Medicine Bow Lodge. Experience horseback riding, hot springs, and delicious ranch cuisine in Southern Wyoming.

The Miracle of Camp 60 – in the Orkney Islands north of Scotland

In the Orkney Islands, north of Scotland, our cruise excursion takes us to an unexpected place: The Italian Chapel at a former POW camp, also known as The Miracle of Camp 60.

An Atlantic Crossing for foodies on and off the ship

Join us on an Atlantic crossing for foodies. Delight in traditional sardines in Malaga and indulge in the local Poncha drink in Madeira, creating unforgettable culinary memories.

Do NOT use seafood or serve Paella with a fork!

Learn the do’s and don’ts of eating Paella in Spain. Find out why using a spoon and eating it for lunch are a must!

One fine day in Funchal Madeira

Discover the unexpected encounter in Funchal, Madeira. Follow Fester Bestertesterand Karbunkle as they find a steamroller and rush to help their friend Joe Fonebone.

Not quite like herding cats on an Atlantic crossing

Cruise in luxury on the Regent Seven Seas Grandeur. Discover the stories and experiences of returning guests on this transatlantic sailing.

Food for every taste on Regent Seven Seas Grandeur

Embark on a culinary adventure on Regent Seven Seas Grandeur. Delight in a wide array of dishes crafted to perfection by skilled chefs.

‘Bloodsport’ on the transatlantic crossing

Get ready for an intense ‘Bloodsport’ on the transatlantic crossing. Join The Long Islanders and compete in the Daily Trivia game on Regent Seven Seas Grandeur.

Rockin and Rollin across the Atlantic

Embark on a rockin’ and rollin’ adventure across the Atlantic with Eileen Ogintz. Join the well-traveled seniors on Regent Seven Seas Grandeur.

What’s there to do on a Transatlantic Cruise?

Find out what to do on a Transatlantic Cruise. From relaxing spa treatments to engaging workshops, there’s something for everyone on board.

The benefits of the airport club for family travelers

Enhance your travel experience with the airport club for family travelers. Enjoy a wide range of amenities, including buffets, complimentary drinks, and a relaxing lounge area.

Friends old and new gathering at the Taste of Vail

Unforgettable moments at the Taste of Vail. Reunite with old and new friends. Sample delectable dishes, and soak up the lively atmosphere of this annual event.

Visit Barbados for African/British heritage and adventures

Plan your next adventure in Barbados, a Caribbean island with a rich African/British heritage. Discover the beauty of the island’s white sand beaches and exhilarating activities.

A big resort with big ideas on Barbados

Uncover the charm of Wyndham Grand Barbados Sam Lord’s Castle Resort with its large accommodations and impressive facilities, including a spa and fitness center.

Tiny to cozy to gargantuan: the resorts of Barbados

Discover the stunning resorts of Barbados, ranging from cozy hideaways to sprawling luxury destinations. Experience the best of Caribbean hospitality.

The fun starts early in Barbados

Celebrate a special occasion in Barbados with a catamaran cruise. Snorkel with sea turtles, enjoy a traditional lunch, and soak up the sun on a half-day adventure.

Cruising Copper Mountain and Subaru WinterFest

We experienced the joy of Copper Mountain and Subaru WinterFest. Ski, enjoying live music, and soaking up the vibrant atmosphere of this popular winter destination.

Confronting Germany’s dark history: how the mighty had fallen

As I kept thinking about all of those architectural monstrosities that we saw on our tour of Nuremberg, I reminded myself of that photo I saw in Berlin of the Nazis crouching in fear at war’s end. How the mighty have fallen, I thought.

From British Columbia to California on a Family RV Trip

Memorable campsites. There is special beauty in travel when the campgrounds and the places we stay in become more than a backdrop

On the road for a year in a family RV tour of the Western US and Canada

This is not just a road trip or vacation. The work, the chores, the tending to child and animals (yes, we have a dog and cat in tow)

Plan a Family-Friendly Getaway to Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids is the second largest city in Michigan, with a population of approximately 199,000. The Grand River runs through it

Parting ways after a great 6-day adventure on Idaho’s Salmon River

Ask people on the same river trip what resonates most — what they will remember —and everyone has a separate answer.

Getting out of your comfort zone on a river-rafting trip

For me, just being able to go on this trip was a huge milestone after what the knee replacement ordeal I’ve been through the past year

Living On The Salmon River on and off the grid

We also meet Bill “Bronco” Burchak who is one of the first wooden dory boatmen in the Grand Canyon and trained our trip leader

Excel High School offers Online Middle School

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Sick at sea is where travel insurance pays off

Don’t let unexpected medical expenses ruin your trip. Learn how Allianz travel insurance can save the day when you’re sick at sea.

Take your teens on a lifetime adventure in British Columbia

Plan an unforgettable family adventure in British Columbia with ROAM Adventures. From whitewater rafting on the Chilko River to exploring TNG First Nations lands, this expedition offers excitement and cultural richness.

Why cruising is one of the fastest growing sectors of tourism

It’s not unusual to meet committed cruisers who have sailed dozens of times, often on the same cruise line.

Travelers Needs To Be Prepared for Emergencies

Many people plan their trips on their own. If you’re worried of something going wrong and not getting your money back, buy travel insurance.

Despite Uncertainties, Americans still want to take vacations

More Americans have already taken a vacation this year than any other time during the Allianz Partner USA’s survey’s history.

How To Get Your Kids Off Phones and Learning About Nature

Consider the unique Kids in Nature, Glaciers & Wildlife Family Explorer trips in Alaska. Explore rarely seen parts of Glacier Bay Nat Park

Make Memories and Save Money Camping and Glamping at Jellystone Parks

More than 75 locations across the U.S. and Canada, Jellystone Park is renowned for its pools, water slides, mini golf, and family activities

Family Trip of A Lifetime: To Antarctica with Abercrombie & Kent

We walked on Wilhelmina Bay – ice three feet thick. In a zodiac, we marveled at dozens of Southern Humpback whales around us.

Family Magic Rafting Trips With ROW Adventures

These five-day trips on Idaho’s Salmon River are exclusive to families – you can’t join if you don’t bring a child!

See Alaska by Sea with Carnival Corp Cruise Lines

According to Travel Alaska, 1.65 million tourists will visit this summer, more than half on 60 large and small cruise ships.

Carnival Brands Embrace Sustainable Practices

The world’s leading cruise company is pioneering sustainability at sea and producing fewer greenhouse emissions than in 2011, down 15%

How To Plan A Last Minute Spring Break

Travel insurance can help when you are delayed, someone gets sick, or an emergency causes you to cancel the trip or return early

CroisiEurope Launches Special European Family Cruise Program

This year, cruise together safely in Spain, Portugal, Italy, on the Rhine or the Adriatic Coast. Discover the beauty of Europe

Searching for Airline Tickets? Two New Sites Make It Easier

Searching for the best airline tickets? New sites Directflights.com and Flightroutes.com make your search easier and more fun!

#CruiseDealsForAll In Wave Season

Alaska has always been a bucket list trip and now is one grandparents want to share—the glaciers, the wildlife, the history and culture

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Cool stuff we like and recommend for your travels

NAOT: the brand that gives back

NAOT: stylish and comfortable footwear that makes a difference. Find out how they give back by donating shoes to those in need.

New device for satellite messaging when you’re off the grid

Not much larger than a car key fob, motorola defy links your smartphone directly to powerful GEO stationary satellites 22,300 miles up

MBT footwear cushions the stride in the gym or the trails

We’re fans of MBT physiological footwear not because we pound the pavement but because these shoes cushion the walks to-and-from the gym!

Hot Chillys for all seasons

Moisture-wicking clothes helps regulate your body temperature and pulls sweat from your body which then evaporates, keeping you dry.   

MBT Physiological Footwear for the active days

I had a friend, an avid runner and head of wellness at our local YMCA try a pair.  She loved the cushioning and that her feet stayed cool

RuffWear Keeps Jake Cozy In All Weather

Our rescue doggie, Jake, loves the snow, and not when it’s bone chilling cold to his 11-pound frame. RuffWear to the rescue!

Finding the best holiday gifts for your favorite travelers

There is something wonderful—even magical—watching someone you love opening a gift they love and will use again and again

ReadyDry from Royal Robbins for active travelers

When you travel like we often do, laundry expenses can build up fast. Royal Robbins ReadyDry underwear can be washed and rinsed in the sink.

Schofferhofer’s juice and beer

Move over hard seltzer. This summer’s most satiating patio drink is Schöfferhofer’s half fruit juice/half beer Hefeweizen beers.

The Weber Traveler for your road trip cooking

Although I love my trusty charcoal grill it isn’t always possible to haul it to a picnic at the park or a tailgater at the game.

Great water sandals made from recyclables

Chaco sandals, long favorites for rafters, hikers and those kicking back somewhere sunny and warm are made from recyclable plastics

No-hassle road trip coffee

Here’s another way to travel sustainably — make a hot cup of specialty coffee as easily as a hot cup of tea. And help save the planet.

Small batch sauces for road trips

When we travel, we also like to cook or grill on the road. But provisioning can be difficult - we don't want to bring too much and have too much left over at the end of the trip. So next time, instead of a big bottle of BBQ sauce from the supermarket, it'll be a small...

The Athena jump starts your road trip

On your next road trip, you can recharge all your electronic devices — even jump-start your car in an emergency.

Fresh coffee guaranteed for your next trip

When you’re traveling and want a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, it’s a bummer when you can’t get a fresh cup.

Safe drinking water in a reusable bottle

An easy and cost-effective way families can travel more sustainably is by using a water purifier bottle instead of buying single use plastic bottles.

Inspired by sardines and great for outdoors

Inspiration often strikes when you’re looking for something else. Ask the inventors of Freshe Meals. In this case it was sardines.

Staying hydrated on the slopes

When you’re on the slopes, truly enjoying a Blue Bird ski day, the last thing you want is to stop for a drink of water. Camelbak has solutions for you.

Non-toxic baby bath products from Hand Over Heart

As a new mom of a 12-week-old baby boy, I try to create a non-toxic environment in my home by using safe and natural products. From nursery furniture to toiletries, I have frequently found “greenwashing” in baby products.

Sustainable, comfortable from Royal Robbins

I love it when travel clothes are  comfortable, versatile  and sustainable so I can brag about how I care about the planet.

The Best of Taking the Kids

We share our best family travel experiences over the recent years, international and domestic, at sea and in the mountains – every continent!

The Miracle of Camp 60 – in the Orkney Islands north of Scotland

In the Orkney Islands, north of Scotland, our cruise excursion takes us to an unexpected place: The Italian Chapel at a former POW camp, also known as The Miracle of Camp 60.

Visit Barbados for African/British heritage and adventures

Plan your next adventure in Barbados, a Caribbean island with a rich African/British heritage. Discover the beauty of the island’s white sand beaches and exhilarating activities.

Returning to Tokyo after 60 years revives old childhood memories

60 years ago my father, a U.S. Air Force officer, moved his growing family to Japan for four years. So when we had the opportunity to visit Tokyo this month, I naturally thought of my childhood and wondered if we could try to find some of my old haunts.

Confronting Germany’s dark history: how the mighty had fallen

As I kept thinking about all of those architectural monstrosities that we saw on our tour of Nuremberg, I reminded myself of that photo I saw in Berlin of the Nazis crouching in fear at war’s end. How the mighty have fallen, I thought.

From British Columbia to California on a Family RV Trip

Memorable campsites. There is special beauty in travel when the campgrounds and the places we stay in become more than a backdrop

When a grown daughter and her pooch join the fun

SLO has bountiful outdoor space, dozens of Central Coast wineries, public art, great restaurants and dog-friendly lodgings

Parting ways after a great 6-day adventure on Idaho’s Salmon River

Ask people on the same river trip what resonates most — what they will remember —and everyone has a separate answer.

The “Daddy of ’em All” in Cheyenne Wyoming

Frontier Days, celebrating its 107th year, attracts a half-million people to see championship bull riding, country music stars and much more

Park City UT in Summer Offers Plenty of Outdoor Activities Plus Great Dining and Shopping

The Chateaux is a place where you can have a luxe hotel room or a four-bedroom unit with shuttles to Park City’s historic Main Street

Jackson WY in summer – Good Eats, Good Sleep, Plenty of Family Activities

Jackson Hole is souvenir central, with everything from tee shirts and hoodies to cowboy hats and boots to fine Western Art

A very unique hike with pair of llamas in Wyoming

Brush Creek Ranch has added llama experiences this summer. They are increasingly popular for backpackers in the mountainous states

In Wyoming, one of the most kid-friendly guest ranches ever

This may be the fanciest ranch I’ve ever seen, complete with its own goat herd, llamas, 100 horses, distillery, spa, and much more

Learning about the world aboard a cruise ship

Listen up parents and grandparents. If you think great sites are the reason you are treating your children and grandchildren to a cruise, think again. A lot of what they learn about the world takes place right on board in the kids’ and teen clubs, especially when they are meeting so many youngsters from different cultures and countries.

Value Vacations in Summer – Vail CO

Summer is much more affordable in Vail with lots to do. Rates are less than half than in winter with some lodging starting at $159

Kayaking at the Top of the World

We are in bright yellow inflatable kayaks steering with foot pedals (I feel kind of like I’m on bumper cars cruising around the fjord, the ship in the distance, crew watching us from zodiacs. As safety is always a concern here, we are given signalers to wear around our neck—should we tip over. But the kayaks are steady and the water so calm. It is only 32 degrees but with the sun shining, it feels much warmer.

The Fable of the Octopus and the Fisherman

Welcome to Scarlet Night aboard Virgin Voyages’ Valiant Lady. We were encouraged to wear red to honor the Red Night Sky

On Virgin Voyages a Tragic Event First Day at Sea

A young woman fell off her balcony to her death just hours after we had departed Miami for a six-night Caribbean cruise.

Fulfilling a long-held dream: the hike from Crested Butte to Aspen

As I struggled to my feet, I smiled remembering all the times her dad and I were trying to avoid a meltdown

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro with my daughter

Many people who lose 35 pounds would splurge on a new wardrobe. I opted for this adventure—one I could share with my daughter before she left for college. That was six years ago and I’ve traveled the world since. Still, our Kili Climb remains one of the most memorable trips we’ve ever taken.

Cleared for takeoff — over the Alaska Range

Kantishna Air Taxi mostly flies visitors around the mountain, said our pilot Andy Young. “A plane in Alaska is like a car anywhere else,” he explained. “It is how we get around. There just aren’t any roads in a lot of the state.”

TIME TO GO FISHING AGAIN – to a great resort in Canada

Last summer, after many years away from the sport, son Matt and I decided it was time to go fishing again. We recruited our cousin-in-law Mike Sitzman and his dad John, who live in Golden, CO to join us. After some basic internet research we decided upon a spot in Canada’s Ontario Province – Garden Island Lodge

The Galapagos Islands — not cheap, not luxurious, but oh the wildlife and the memories!

This wouldn’t be everyone’s first choice for an expensive vacation. There are no beach chairs or bars on these protected beaches, where tourists may only venture with a guide. But this is an adventure we’ll never forget, starting with those sea lions we spotted on San Cristobal Island, snoozing on rowboats as if they owned the place.

The Chick Flies the Coop

“This is going to be the first time truly putting my travel skills from growing up to the test but I know it is just the beginning,” my youngest daughter Mel wrote in the “thank you” note she left

Remembering the long goodbyes as we took our kids to college

Two parents, five overweight bags and a college-bound daughter about to burst into tears. Talk about a stressful beginning to the Long Goodbye.

Two weeks in France visiting Paris, champagne country and Normandy via river cruise

Arriving in Paris jet-lagged, a quick trip to see Monet’s water lillies at the Musee de L’Orangerie was just the tonic. Armed with a Paris Pass, we didn’t have to wait in a long line for tickets.

A visit to Lady Liberty and Ellis Island on a cold January day

Despite the blustery January weather, crowds of bundled-up tourists from around the world lined up to take the Statue Cruises ferry to Liberty Island, good-naturedly taking off belts and watches for the security screenings. The second stop would be historic Ellis Island

Memories of Monet’s Garden: where a little girl led the way

From the time we told Melanie we were going to France that summer, she insisted we must visit Monet’s Garden. It wasn’t that far-fetched an idea.

To Norway, the land of fjords, ‘Frozen’ and family fun

No, not the Splash Mountain in Walt Disney World or Disneyland, we’re actually in Norway touring the gorgeous fjords with Adventures by Disney where one waterfall is bigger and more awesome than the next

A real pasta machine: in the charming village of Grazie

Day Six – at charming small restaurant La Locanda de le Grazie in the village of Grazie just a few miles outside the amazingly preserved undiscovered Renaissance city of Mantova (Mantua in English).

Skiing in Austria

I’ve never seen such wide open slopes — no trees, no houses, just field after field of newly fallen snow. And I’ve never seen my 18-year-old daughter Mel, an avid and expert skier, as happy to ski with mom.

Families on a different kind of water adventure

If you are itching for a different late summer/fall getaway on the water, there are lots of options that won’t break your budget

The Amazing Cathedral of Thorns in Curacao

Think a maze made out of thorns—92 million fashioned into blocks in which art has been inserted, creating an open-air gallery of sorts.

Why Cuba? History and reconciliation and the recipe for Cuban life

Cuba: “a dose of World War II rationing, a pinch of Soviet era austerity, the family values of South America, the educational values of the US and the loquaciousness of the Irish.”

Second acts: a century in the making

Frank Bartholomew, a United Press war correspondent, handed Antonia a deed for a run down 500-acre ranch in Sonoma, CA and then returned to cover World War II

Apex day 2 – A woman following her dreams

Fragedaki is an engaging teacher as she instructs us on how to make spinach pie, tzatziki (a cucumber yogurt sauce), and stuffed tomatoes and peppers

Jamaican Food at Its Best: Star San

Award-winning and well-known Jamaican Chef Brian Lumley is showing us how to make coconut curry shrimp and just-caught fish—lionfish, parrot fish, snapper

The White Stallion Ranch experience

If you thought a dude ranch was just about horses, think again—even a historic one like the White Stallion Ranch in Tucson, owned by the True family for decades

A unique Colorado experience

Only the huge stone fireplace is left of the Nanny’s Cabin and Camp Vigil is the kid-friendly Ranch at Emerald Valley, part of the historic Broadmoor Resort

Here’s to new culinary adventures!

Likely because we are stuck at home, I’ve been thinking about once-in-a-lifetime outdoor meals we’ve enjoyed on vacation.

Weather can’t spoil a trip to remember down the Grand Canyon

Finally! Five hours after we were scheduled to leave, the helicopters started to fly again, taking two or three passengers at a time rather than four because of the conditions

A hike to remember: North Rim of the Grand Canyon

After a five-mile hike, we’re sitting on a rock taking in the panoramic view from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon

Bryce Canyon National Park: Hoodoo you think you’re feeling?

Hoodoos actually have eroded out of cliffs, forming thin walls of rock called fins.Isn’t nature amazing?! Here at Bryce Canyon we are at the top of what is famously called “The Grand Staircase”

Three generations, 75 years: The Averill family and Flathead Lake Ranch

Flathead Lake Lodge is much more than a lodge – it’s a ranch, farm and acre upon acre of wilderness and lakefront.

Bear jam in Grand Teton National Park – for a very good reason

Meet Grizzly #399, perhaps the most famous bear in North America not only because of her advanced age (24) but her fertility (she has had seven litters—20 cubs. This year’s quadruplets, Smith said, account for only two percent of Grizzly Bear litters.

Taking the Kids — on different kind of trip to Alaska

You can’t get much more remote — or farther away from cruise crowds than at Kenai Fjords Glacier Lodge, which opened 10 years ago — the first and only lodge in the national park and accessible only by a four-hour boat trip from Seward

To a special Jamaican villa

The experience, of course, is entirely different, as I discovered. Think being on a mega cruise ship with morning-till-night activities vs. your own private yacht with a staff to cater to every whim

Seeing San Antonio like local families

At the state-of-the-art Naylor Family Dinosaur Gallery at the Witte Museum in San Antonio, where you can step inside a cast of an Alamosaurus footprint at The Dino Lab. What’s different from other dinosaur exhibits? This one is focused on ancient creatures that called Texas home, including ancient fish, turtle and, yes, a full-size Tyrannosaurus rex.

To a galaxy far, far away

Kevin Gerber isn’t even a “Star Wars” fan, but he had happily just spent $100 to build a droid with his 5-year-old son at Disney World’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge’s Droid Depot

San Antonio has a new kind of “Pearl”

Pearl is the new go-to area of San Antonio – a 22 acre mixed use space for housing, shopping, dining, a year-round farmer’s market, riverside amphitheater and the third campus of the Culinary Institute of America

Tips from kids finishing their first cruise

On this “day at sea,” the kids put off playing a game in Club Mariner to impart some wisdom for kids whose parents and grandparents may be planning a cruise

To Robben Island, a Relic of South Africa’s Apartheid Regime

Nelson Mandela would have turned 101 this year, at a time when South Africa has been rocked by political corruption and still fraught with the ills that Apartheid wrought

This could be one of the best seasons ever for river rafting in Colorado – we know!

We just spend five days and four nights on the Yampa River in Dinosaur National Monument with the premier river rafting outfitter OARS. Take a look at some of our photos

A historic Army post transformed — San Francisco’s Presidio

Welcome to San Francisco’s Presidio — nearly 1,500 acres transformed from a bustling army post to a national park, the largest national park in an urban area, drawing 7.5 million visitors a year

World-class snow sculptures draw crowds from all around to Breckenridge CO

Young Colorado art critics were among the thousands who came to Breckenridge to see the results of the work of 16 teams from around the world that came to this historic mountain town to create enormous snow sculptures

On a safari planned for more than seeing amazing wildlife

The Madikwe Game Reserve borders Botswana to the north and is home to the famous “Big Five.” Before breakfast one morning, we’d seen four of them — lions, elephants, Cape buffalo and white rhino

Eating your way through Italy

Food has become increasingly important to traveling families as kids have expanded their palates by first watching the Food Network and then trying new foods on vacation. I can’t think of a better way to experience a new culture than through food or a better place than Italy where it won’t take any coaxing to convince kids to “eat local.”

Little Taste of Italy – Part 2

Little Taste of Italy Part II starts at the Umbria Region farmhouse (viaumbria.com) in Canarra with tours of Perugia, Spello, Assissi and Gubbo, then moves to Bologna and Parma, where we observed the making of Parmaggiano Reggiano cheese.

A Little Taste of Italy – Part 1

A Little Taste of Italy – October 2018 – Pt 1 – Starts in Milano with tour of Verona and Valpolicella Wine Region, followed by 6-day Uniworld River Cruise aboard the River Countess. Excursions to Ferrara, Padua, Chiccogia and Turano, with lots of time to explore Venice.

A big lesson in tolerance and humanity — Assisi Italy

Today, six million people a year visit Assisi, a hillside medieval town of 25,000 in Umbria, making it the second most visited religious site in Italy after Rome

At the Crested Butte Chili and Beer Festival, It’s Not About Winning or Losing

For my husband and daughter, it proved a fun shared experience—choosing the recipe, shopping for ingredients, and then two evenings cooking in our VRBO rental

A new place or travel experience to think about every day

See the WNBA all-stars in Phoenix

Phoenix is hosting the WNBA All-Star Game. Be part of the action and enjoy the STARRY WNBA 3-Point Contest and Kia WNBA Skills Challenge.

Special rates for teachers at Disney Springs in FL

Teachers, don’t miss the special rates at Disney Springs in FL! Enjoy rates starting at $89 during the summer break season.

Universal CityWalk Hollywood Serves Up Dinner and A Movie

Treat yourself to a delicious meal and a movie at Universal CityWalk Hollywood. Savor the flavors at The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen and catch a film at Universal Cinema AMC.

Tulsa OK lays claim to “Capital of Route 66”

Learn about Tulsa OK’s journey to becoming the Capital of Route 66. Discover the research, surveys, and official approval that led to this prestigious title.

Aspen Summer of Birds: “The Birdsong Project”

Experience the Aspen Summer of Birds: The Birdsong Project. Join us for a Grammy-winning Performance + Education Talk on July 27th at Hallam Lake.

52nd Indian Fair Days and Pow Wow in North Fork CA

Experience the rich traditions and vibrant culture of the Mono tribe at the 52nd Indian Fair Days and Pow Wow in North Fork, CA. Dance competitions, cultural displays, and more.

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